Trifocal Intraocular Lens

The use of triple and multi -focal lenses during the white water process is given a better opportunity to free from using the medical glasses after the white water process.

In most cases, when performing an operation for white water or when performing a replacement of the natural lens to correct the vision, a single -focal lens is planted as an alternative inside the eye, and the sizes of this lens are taken to see clearly from a distance, and a person needs to use glasses to see closely in reading and looking at Computer and handicrafts, due to the lack of movement of the ciliary muscle that changes the strength of the natural lens before the age of forty leads to the ability to see closely.

Three and multi -focal lenses

The lens of the Akrosov multi -focus is a revolution in the world of transplanting lenses inside the eye, in which visual characteristics such as used in telescopes (astronomical endoscopy) and microscopes are used, which is the theory of vulnerability or the division of light rays falling into the lens into two parts with two different foci, which are given to white water patients who are They cultivate this lens the ability to see different distances clearly (emphasizing the choice of appropriate cases).

For what kind of correction lenses inside the multi -foci eye?

The main goal of the lenses inside the multi -foci focus is to replace the elderly eye in the eye, thus showing it a loss of flexibility or great obfuscation that hinders the correct vision. Therefore, multi -foci lenses are used inside the eye to treat cataracts and aging shortness.

Advantages of multi -foci lenses inside the eye

The lenses inside the eye are multi -focus that have many advantages and we have to confirm their great property to accommodate varying degrees of aging and cattle lens, any person with any of these conditions finds a lens inside the eye multi -focal for your needs. There are many benefits that these lenses can provide those who suffer from loss of lens flexibility or ambiguity themselves and some of them:

Improves symptoms of aging and eye -catching lens in people who cannot be operated with laser technology because corneal thickness has a few or a large number of diopters that are short visible, after the view of the drop.
Placing the lenses inside the multi -foci eye is fast, less intervention, and painless.
It provides a noticeable improvement in the vision of each of those with eye lens and old -sightedness.