Stomach Botox

Botox stomach and other modern technologies contributed to the treatment of obesity that caused more negatives in general to the health of its patients, and although the stomach Potics techniques have resulted in many positive results, there are also some other complications that some experiments may have indicated. So it is preferable to know the most prominent details related to that technology, and ways to obtain it well, in order to achieve the utmost benefit from that step.

Stomach Botox

It is worth noting that the Botox technology in the stomach is one of the latest slimming techniques that stop the activity of the stomach wall from work, and thus reduces stomach contractions to push food into the intestine, and here is the way the stomach is injected with Botox as follows:

Initially, the doctor sprayed a local anesthetic on the larynx in order to reduce any side effects resulting from Botox, such as vomiting or coughing.
Then the medical endoscope is used to inject the stomach wall with Botox.
The medical endoscope is inserted into the mouth of the condition until it reaches the stomach, which contributes to reducing its contraction, which leads to reducing the rate of food digestion in the stomach, which helps to satiate continuously.
During the use of Potk Technology, the specialist doctor directs the active substance to the nerve responsible for feeling hungry.
This may contribute to a constant feeling of satiety; The stomach movement decreases, and therefore signals are sent to the brain indicating a feeling of fullness.
What after botox injection into the stomach?
After injecting the stomach with Botox, the condition is to adhere to some instructions and advice that may avoid any complications or any negative side effects on its health:

The case must take into account that the stomach wall is in anesthesia stage; So it is preferable not to eat any food or drinks immediately after the operation until the doctor authorizes it.
A person should not be exposed to tension or anxiety that may cause increased side effects associated with this process.

What do you feel after the slimming Pots?

Fatigue: A person may feel some stress after doing this process, which is normal and does not worry about it.
Inability to do any activities: Some people may not be able to do any simple daily activities after the stomach Bottis shortly.
Dizziness and dizziness: The condition subject to Botox in the stomach also feels the continuous dizziness for a period after the injection, which is a natural thing that is eliminated after a short time.
Tension in the throat: You may have a feeling of itching or tension in the throat as a result of the anesthetic that precedes entering the endoscope.
Benefits of injecting the stomach with Botox
A person loses a weight between 10 and 20 kilograms during the injection effect period, which may last for about six months.
The person does not need total or complete anesthesia for the body.
It does not undergo any scars or surgeries such as surgeries that take place for slimming.
It helps to feel full continuously, naturally.
It does not need to stay in the hospital after completing the injection, like the rest of the other operations.
The cost of Potics stomach
The cost of Botox in the stomach varies from one case to another, as well as from one country to another, and from the criteria for the cost of Botox in general to you the following:

The size of the stomach is the case to be injected with Botox.
The amount of botox used during the person’s stomach injection.
The center in which the process and the techniques used are conducted, which differ from one center to another, and may affect the success or failure of the injection goal.

Prices in some countries are as follows:

The cost of stomach injection in Botox may range between 12,000 and 20,000 Egyptian pounds.
While its cost in some European countries reaches about $ 7,000.
It also costs approximately $ 2500 in the country of Turkey.
In Saudi Arabia, the price of stomach injection with Botox may range between 1,200 and 1,800 Saudi riyals.
Do you need the stomach Potics process for a total Bing?
No, the injecting of the stomach with Botox will not need a total bang, just all that the doctor needs to complete the injection some sedatives and perhaps weak impact, this is in addition to the local anesthesia.

Is the stomach Potics process painful?

The injecting of the stomach with Botox for slimming is not painful, as it is in any case under the influence of sedatives and local anesthesia, and it takes only a few minutes, and the condition does not feel any pain or symptoms in its time.

Which is the best botox or stomach balloon?

There is no comparison between both cases, especially since each of them has its own state, and that the stomach’s putax is used to lose a little weight, or the stomach balloon is used in cases that need to lose weight more than 35 kilos in more.

Preparations of stomach injection with Botox

Refrain from taking any kind of medicine before you get injections in a row.
Fully refraining from smoking before undergoing the stomach Potics process for about a month.
Not eating at least 12 hours before the injection process, according to the instructions of the specialist.
The doctor also prescribes the condition as an intestinal antiseptic, which contributes to cleaning the stomach completely from any foods or drinks stuck in it, provided that it is eaten an hour before the injection at most.
What is the diet followed yet?

Botox injections?

A person who underwent Botox inject should eat healthy, balanced food, including all nutrients.
The meal should contain proteins, which nourish the nerve fibers, and give the stomach a feeling of satiety for a long time.
It is preferable to eat fiber -containing foods, which help to feel full.
Completely refraining from eating sugars that increase the number of calories that stimulate weight gain, which reduces the results of positive injection in slimming.
Also, refrain from drinking soft drinks of all kinds, and replacing them with appropriate quantities of water.
Slimming needle

Stomach needle for slimming, as its use has spread widely, as follows:

Botox injections are used, especially in the field of cosmetics.
It is used to slim the stomach by injection, which makes the stomach muscles T.