Sleeve Gastrectomy

Stomach gag process is one of the medical methods and conclusive surgical solutions, through which the patient permanently gets rid of the problem of obesity, and the weight of the weight, and it has many benefits that fall on the body is to finish the problem of excess fat, which negatively affects the health of many devices The vitality in the body, as well as the fact that this surgery may be the only solution in some cases to overcome excess weight, and the following is more about that surgery, its types, and the medical conditions that are called for it.

Definition of stomach gag
This surgery is one of the most famous surgery in the world, which is approved to reduce excess body weight and treat obesity, which is a reduction in the size of the stomach, and that is by making a removal of the part determined by the surgeon from the patient’s stomach, which reaches the size of between seventy and eighty -five The percent of the total total size of the patient’s stomach cavity.

How does the stomach become after the operation?

After the stomach gagging process, the doctors depict the stomach in its shape, as if it is a thin tube, and a limited corridor, and it is similar to its shape and size, the banana fruit, or it appears to be in the form of a small bowl, and this results in reducing the amount of food used, and thus decreases the weight of the human weight, and this is followed Gradual decrease in weight.

Is it possible to repeat the removed part of the stomach?

In the gagging process, it is not possible after completing its medical steps. It must be committed to it after its conduct.

How does the weight reduce?

The weight loss process is one of the surgical ways, which is the option to keep the patient’s stomach through a follower of the following two things:

The first thing is that the surgeon minimizes the patient’s stomach, meaning that the process is only one of the traditional surgeries to treat obesity, which aims to reduce the area of the stomach cavity.
After a miniaturization of the stomach, the amount of food decreases, and thus the energy entered the body decreases, resulting in weight loss.
After the operation, the patient will not be able to return to the same eating habits, or eat the same amount of food.
As for the second thing in the sleeve, it is represented in there to be an appetite hormone control, that is, for a process that contributes to removing the large part of the gastric cavity, and with it it produces some changes in the chemistry of the body.
These changes are to remove the stomach part that contains some types of hormones, namely the grenade, and the two pulp, as they are influential in the level of appetite.
Grillin is the most controlled hormone, known as hunger hormone.
This appetite hormone is inhibited, and after removing a large part of the stomach, the level of appetite decreases, the patient’s desire to eat, as well as saturation, and the sugar level improves with the blood course.
What are the types of gagging?
Here are the most important and most famous gagging operations, the most successful ever, and are the following:

The first method of gastric gut process is for the doctor to perform a stomach cutting, leaving an accurate tube that is between the esophagus, and the duodenum, and this method is the most common, and the most successful.
The second method is to cut the stomach and the intestine together.
The third method is to make a hole with the sparkle according to a specific way, until the stomach appears with a lower area, to reduce the reception of food.
The fourth stomach gag type is to connect the stomach, with the aim of reducing its size.
Explanation of the second type of gagger

The surgeon makes a cut, or removes the upper part of the stomach cavity.
He then cuts part of the small intestine, then connects it with the top of the stomach.
This decreases the amount of food for the stomach, so you can only absorb the least amount of food.
It is worth noting that the amount of food in the stomach is absorbed naturally.
Clarify the third method of gagging

A hole is made in the middle of the stomach cavity, then a closing dars for the stomach around this hole.
The stomach is made in the stomach, starting from the hole in the middle, to the top of the stomach.
The doctor does a narrowing of the horizontal part, which is close to the esophageal tube.
This step is followed by an excellent result by narrowing the area in which food is transferred from the stomach, and results in a reduction in eating food quantities, and this by dependence is a lack of weight normally.
Stomach gag

This process is represented in the position of a bond that is on the vicinity of the upper side of the stomach cavity, which results in reducing its size.
Thus, the amount of food entered for it is determined, and with the presence of food, stretching may occur, but this is what the ligament that exists around its surroundings prevents it.
Completion of the stomach cavity with surgery

In this type of obesity, a wounded incision is made in the abdomen, so that the surgery is performed on the stomach.
The surgical incision is closed, but among its negative effects is left signs and scars in the abdomen.
Completion process without surgery

One of the best options that the patient can take, in order to perform the gagging process to lose weight at the lowest risks, and the most successful means.
The stomach is infected in this case depending on the endoscope.
Some of the limited abdominal holes are performed, through which the process is successfully completed.
The doctor relies on the patient’s total anesthesia option throughout the operation period.
The surgeon arrives in the stomach through a medical endoscope, where it works to treat its tissues, and cut the specified part of the stomach.
After cutting, the remaining part of the gastric cavity is closed.
In some cases, the doctor may resort to removing the gallbladder, so that the problem of the formation of stones does not increase, and in other cases, they are still, and the stones are treated with drugs.
This type of surgery is characterized by a speed of the patient. The patient is similar