Shoulder arthroscopy

Joint the endoscopy is the lessergory surgical style preferred to treat joint problems. Instead of making large cracks on the joint, it allows treatment through small openings of about 0.5 cm long. Through holes, the tools needed for repair and high -resolution optical fiber camera are sent. The surgeon diagnoses and repair by looking at the image shown on the opposite screen. A joint the endoscopy, which has many special advantages, can be used for problems in the shoulder, knee, hip, ankle and wrist by opening a small incision.

The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body. It has a structure that allows the arm to move in almost all directions. It is more vulnerable to shocks because of its 360 -degree movement. The shoulder joint, which is mainly consisting of bones, provides muscles, tendons and ligaments also works to stabilize the bones together and maintain them intact and provide the scope of movement.

Diseases in which shoulder endoscopy is used

Shoulder the endoscopy: it can be preferred in shoulder dislocation, rupture, mushrooms and calcification of the muscles and tendons, and also in removing free bodies.
The vertical axis rupture.
The shoulder muscle is crushed.
The stabilization of the shoulder (relaxation of the joint capsule).
The joint cavity rupture.
The shoulder calcification.
Removing free bodies.

Shoulder endoscopy

The most important feature of theorizing surgery is that it provides comfortable and rapid recovery after surgery. Small cracks are the most important factor in this. There are clear advantages during surgery, as is the case after the operation. It gives comfort and confidence to both the wounds and the patient. With detailed photography, the error rate decreases and the risk of complications is very low compared to open surgery.

The ability to display the joint,
Provide comfort for the surgeon and the patient during surgery,
Be safer,
Less risk of complications,
Less risk of infection,
A small and cosmetic scar,
Less pain after surgery,

The recovery process after the shoulder the endoscopy

After the shoulder the endoscopy, there is no need to stay in the hospital as in open surgeries. Patients can be graduated the next day, or even on the same day.
There may be a little pain, but it can be easily controlled using simple pain relievers.
The shoulder belt and arm should be used for a while.
There is a benefit in resting the arm for one week.

It is important to change the wound. Your doctor will definitely tell you what to do.
The stitches are removed after 15 days.
Doing exercises regularly by the doctor will accelerate the recovery process.