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NeuroSurgery Service

Neurosurgery neurosurgery is a delicate specialty of medicine. It means diseases of the nervous system and its treatment with surgical or non -surgical intervention. The specialist in this specialization is called brain and nerve surgeons. The neurosurgery treats the central nervous system, spine and spinal cord.

Among the diseases included in this specialization are brain tumors, head, brain, spine, and spinal cord injuries, back pain, erosion of spine vertebrae and cabridge slip.

This specialization is one of the most difficult and accurate medical specialties, and the duration of training in it is long, as it may take between six to seven years of training, and this is the completion of the study at the Faculty of Medicine.

Neurosurgery is a branch of surgery specializing in the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. Surgeons who are involved in nerve surgeons.

Among the cases that the neurosurgeons treat, we can mention:

Cotton helicopter
Cervical hernia
Piplomic tumor
Cranuise (blood tumors, cranial fractures, etc.)
The spine is satisfied with spine fractures (joint with bone surgeons)
Brain and cerebellum tumors
The mother of the blood inside the cranium and the total arterial-venous deformities
Umm Javi bleeding and blood hematoma
[Parkinson’s disease]
Pain surgery