Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile (Hollywood smile) is one of the styles of dental beautification that has received great attention from individuals, and it is a thin crust with a thickness of less than a millimeter, and the specialist doctor sticks it on the visible front side, and it is similar in that to artificial nails, and helps to obtain A wonderful smile without any trouble or effort, in a way that attracts the admiration of those around it, and increases the individual’s self-confidence, and at the same time, a Hollywood smile can be used to treat many dental negatives.

Hollywood smile overview:

Hollywood smile or Hollywood smile is a common term among the public, and the purpose is to obtain a smile like the celebrities who present cinematic works in Hollywood, and the person wishing to undergo the Hollywood smile procedure may take pictures of a famous person, and ask the dentist to help him obtain a similar model.

Hollywood Smile Discoverer:

The manufacture of adhesive teeth began in 1955 AD by the doctor “Michael Potokur”, as he was manufacturing veneers, followed by fixing them on the teeth by means of hydrofluoric acid, and the discovery of the Hollywood smile dates back to the eighties of the last century, when the American doctor “Charles Binks” was doing it. manufactures veneers for Hollywood artists that are placed on the teeth; In order to manage speech defects and make there a smile on the face, and these assemblies were placed for a temporary period until the completion of filming the cinematic scenes, after which they were removed.
The first to install a Hollywood smile was the child, Shirley Temmel, who did not exceed fourteen years of age at that time. At that time, doctors working in the field of dentistry realized the importance of these prostheses, and proceeded to generalize the use to benefit a large segment of the public.
In that period, more tasks can be combined at the same time, as a Hollywood smile, crowns, and teeth whitening are installed, and the purpose of that is to maximize the positives, and to benefit from all the aforementioned tasks.

What is the mechanism of installing a Hollywood smile?
The mechanism of installing a Hollywood smile or Hollywood smile depends on the doctor filing a very limited part of the tooth enamel, followed by applying the crusts that give the Hollywood smile, and it is important that this be consistent with the shape of the jaw and mouth.
This process includes a change in the size, shape, color and length of the teeth, and accordingly a smile is formed naturally on the face.
The veneers used in Hollywood smiles are made from a variety of materials, the most important of which are: ceramic and zircon, which are materials that do not undergo any significant changes.

Can Hollywood Smile be applied to all categories?

The installation of Hollywood Smile is not suitable for all categories, including the following categories:

Those with a thin enamel layer.
People who have severe tooth decay.
Those who do not keep their teeth clean regularly.
Those who are used to biting hard things with their teeth.
Those who have weak and sensitive teeth.

What are the benefits of installing a Hollywood smile?

There are many benefits of having a Hollywood smile, and we will explain it as follows:

A Hollywood smile helps to get rid of dental defects, in the event of one or more fractures.
Some people suffer from uneven teeth due to a difference in size and length, or both, and this can be treated by installing a Hollywood smile.
The installation of a Hollywood smile contributes to reducing the accumulation of plaque, which is a bacteria that grows and multiplies and turns into calcareous material that is difficult to deal with.
A Hollywood smile can be used to hide the defects that occur in cosmetic fillings, as over time, the color of these fillings becomes dark, and makes the appearance of the teeth negative.
Some suffer from spaces between the teeth in the upper or lower jaw, or both together, and by installing a Hollywood smile, it is possible to get rid of this, and then prevent the accumulation of bacteria in these spaces.

What is the difference between a Hollywood smile and a dental crown?

Hollywood smile: It is a thin veneer placed in the front of the teeth, and its purpose is to add a smile to the face, and to get rid of some dental defects such as: fractures, sprains, voids, shopping, gaps, unevenness, and fillings that differ in color from the teeth.
Dental crown: The crown or “dental veneer” is a stereoscopic material that is made of different materials and has multiple types. The crown covers all aspects of the teeth. The purpose of its use is to protect broken teeth and preserve the roots. The installation of the crown requires various procedures according to the patient’s condition, including cleaning Nerve fillers and fillings… and so on.

How many visits is needed to install Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile installation requires three visits to the dentist as follows:

Visit (1): It is a preliminary visit in which the doctor learns about the dental problems that the individual suffers from, and during that visit the person who is about to have veneers installed can ask the doctor about the possibility of installing them or not, prices and future results, and the doctor examines the teeth and the enamel layer, and if there is any Any problem is addressed first before veneers are applied.
Visit (2): In this visit, the doctor files a very thin part of the enamel layer, and measurements are taken for the veneers that will be installed, and the model is sent to the laboratory to manufacture the veneers.
Visit (3): In this visit, the doctor fixes and installs scales on top of the tooth or teeth in question.

What are the steps to make a Hollywood smile?

The installation of a Hollywood smile is limited to one or more of the front teeth, and the purpose of that is to obtain a smile without effort, get rid of dark spots, or hide tooth fractures, or the purpose may be all of the above, and the installation steps are as follows:

Examining the patient and expressing an opinion: In this step, the doctor examines the teeth of the person wishing to make a Hollywood smile, and gives an opinion and advice, as well as explains the nature of this type of prosthesis, and the results that the individual can obtain in