Hair Transplant

The hair transplant in Turkey is one of the most famous types of plastic surgery that is performed in that ancient diameter; Where all elements of success are available, and this is represented in: accredited academic doctors, therapeutic centers that provide the best services, and modern technologies that view the best in the European Union countries and the United States Psychological, and all those who underwent this process praised the results you get.


What are the procedures followed before performing the hair transplant in Turkey?

Answer the patient’s questions on the first visit: The doctor answers the patient’s questions regarding the details of the operation, the expected results, and the cost according to the patient’s condition and requirements.
The apparent examination: The doctor performs the apparent examination of the bald area, as well as the donor area from which he will get the follicles to grow them.
Learn about the pathological record: The doctor inquires about the medical record and if he suffers from chronic diseases; Such as: the first and second type sugar, heart, kidney and liver disease; This is in order for the doctor to make sure that there are no satisfactory contraindications that prevent the operation.
Directing the patient to conduct examinations: The doctor asks the patient to analyze and routine examinations; Like a full blood image, and virus analysis …. And others.
Determine the date of the operation: After reviewing the tests, the doctor will specify the date of the hair transplant in Turkey, in agreement with the patient.

What methods used to perform hair transplantation in Turkey?

There is a group of methods used to perform the hair transplant in Turkey, and we will shed light on it in the following:


FUE’s hair transplantation:

The method of picking is among the famous methods of hair transplantation in Turkey, and its prices are affordable compared to other countries in Europe and Asia, and prices are determined based on the number of follicles that each patient needs.


Hair transplant steps in a way:

The operation is performed under the influence of local anesthesia, and the main idea of hair transplantation method depends on the doctor extracting follicles from a dense hair area such as the back of the scalp, and this area is called the donor area.
The doctor plays the follicles in a preservative until they are used, and after preparing the patient, the tested follicles are implanted in the bald area and is called the receiving area.
The operation requires a period ranging between three and four hours, and this is according to the patient’s needs, and it is important that the doctor take into account the distance between the extracted follicles; So that the hair is not hidden in the receiving area.
The doctor should take into account the quality of the sheets that are extracted, as well as the direction of the growth of new hairs in the post -hair transplant in Turkey.

The pros and cons of hair extraction technology:

The success rate of the process in this way is high, and the procedure does not result in scars such as those that occur in the traditional method.
It does not require a doctor to eradicate scalp tissue, and therefore there is no need for surgical threads.
He does not feel any illness to anesthetize localized, and the duration of recovery after the operation is limited, and does not exceed two weeks and then the patient can do his job.

Nano-FUE hair transplantation:

The hair transplantation method is high in terms of the success rate, and this is 98%, and it focuses on the doctor obtaining a group of follicles from the donor area.
A very accurate header is used, known as nano, and the follicles are extracted from the back of the scalp, after which the doctor plays the follicles in a solution to keep it.

Nano-FUE hair transplant steps:

Hair transplantation with accurate extraction technology is similar to the rest of the hair transplant in other Turkey as follows:

The doctor determines the area that he will grow through a layout pen, and it is worth noting that this process is performed under the delay of the localized anesthetic with injection under the skin.
The doctor gets the hair follicles from one of the dense areas, and this is done through a very thin -aged device, and the process of obtaining the follicles requires a period ranging from two and three hours.
After the doctor gets the follicles, he creates channels in the bald area, and the diameter of each channel ranges between 0.3-0.5 mm.
After that, the doctor grows the previously extracted follicles, and the duration of that depends on the number of follicles to be cultivated and the required density.

The positives of hair transplantation method Nano-FUE:

Performing hair transplant in this way will result in original -like hair, and with high intensity with hair growth in the natural direction.
The cracks that the doctor causes are extremely precise, so scars that appear are very accurate and unclear compared to traditional hair transplant methods.
The method of hair transplantation by accurately allows the possibility of planting five thousand follicles, and that number is very large, as well as the rate of hair growth that is planted is very high and is 80% better than the regular slide method.

The nature of the stage after the hair transplant process in a precise selection method:

It is normal for the patient to feel pain and numbness in the area of hair transplant in Turkey, and the doctor acknowledges a group of therapeutic medications to reduce this, and after a week of the process of hair fall occurs and a new alternative grows.
After a year of the operation, the patient gets full results, and the same technique can be used to grow mustache and chin hair.