Gastric Balloon

If you suffer from obesity and want to lose weight without performing any surgeries, here is the best solution that helps you to lose weight as soon Without any serious complications as a result of performing traditional surgeries, the stomach balloon process has recently spread significantly in many people, especially people who cannot control the control of their appetite, and given the importance of this issue in many people who are obese so we will know Through this article, on what is the process of the stomach balloon, what are its benefits, damages, how to do it, and what is the quality of foods that must be eaten after doing, and who are the people who are eligible to carry out the process of stomach balloon and other many other questions that are answered through this article, so follow with us .

What is the stomach balloon
The stomach balloon is a medical procedure that is done in order to lose weight and enjoy a healthy and graceful body, as it does not need any surgical intervention, and this process may take place by placing a bivest balloon of silicon filled with salt inside the stomach, in order to feel the inaccurate and a person feeling full This results in not eating large quantities of food, and therefore can lose weight in a short period of time, and the process of stomach balloon is a temporary procedure that is placed for a specific period of time that may reach six months and then it is removed again.

What procedures should be followed before the stomach balloon operation?

When you think about doing a stomach balloon and getting rid of obesity and excess weight, it must first take many of the following steps:

You must go to a specialized x -ray center in order to perform the rays and analyzes that the doctor who specializes in performing a stomach balloon operation, in order to ensure that there are no contraindications that may harm your health when performing the stomach balloon.
An endoscope must be made on the digestive system, in order to ensure that the stomach is free of any diseases that may hinder the process of the stomach balloon.
The attending physician must be notified of the quality of the medications you take on an ongoing basis, so that these drugs do not conflict with the stomach balloon process.
A person who performs the stomach balloon must fast several hours before the stomach balloon operation.

How to do a stomach balloon
The process of implanting the stomach balloon is done by doing many steps, the most important of which is:

The stomach balloon transplant is carried out by inserting silicon balloon into the stomach, through the internal endoscope that contains a camera that helps in seeing this balloon while entering the stomach, which helps the doctor to perform this process with ease.
The doctor uses the endoscope through the mouth, through the throat and from it to the stomach.
After the completion of the silicone balloon inside the stomach, the doctor fills it with a saline solution.
This process may take about half an hour, and the patient may be able to normally return to his home.
Health guidelines that must be followed after a stomach balloon
In order to get the best results after making a stomach balloon, you must follow many important steps, the most important of which are the following:

Light quantities of fluid should be eaten, after at least six hours have passed since the stomach balloon operation and the person may continue to take fluids only for at least a week.
A healthy diet must also be adhered to and snacks, and this situation may last for about three weeks from doing the stomach balloon.
Doing dining normally after at least three weeks have passed.
A good healthy diet must be taken into account and exercise continuously after removing the stomach balloon, in order to maintain the weight that has been lost.
Features of the stomach balloon
The stomach balloon is characterized by several features, the most important of which are:

The stomach balloon does not need surgery, but only through the endoscope, as it does not need total anesthesia, but is limited to partial anesthesia only.
The stomach balloon helps get rid of all the fat in the body, whether in the abdomen or in any other area of the various body.
The process of stomach balloon helps to get rid of excess weight significantly, as it helps to get rid of about 20 or 30 kilos of body weight, during a simple period of time that may reach about six months.
The process of inserting or removing the balloon from the stomach does not take a long time.
The stomach balloon helps reduce the empty size inside the stomach, which helps in feeling full, thus reducing the amount of food that the individual may need to eat.
The results of this process are effective, especially in the event that the person in charge of this process is committed to the doctor’s instructions and instructions, as well as a healthy diet and exercise on an ongoing basis.
The stomach balloon is easy to put into the stomach, as well as the ease of removing it.
It does not take a long time balloon.
The stomach balloon may help improve and treat many diseases that may result from weight gain, the most important of which are heart disease, diabetes, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, joint pain, esophageal reflux, and other many other diseases that the stomach balloon helps to improve or get rid of them permanently.
The stomach balloon operation does not cost large sums, for surgeries.
Stomach balloon damage
The stomach balloon process is one of the best weight loss operations and a perfect weight in a standard period of time, but like any other process, it may have some risks and damage, and these damages may be as follows:

The balloon can move in the digestive system, due to the occurrence of a balloon vacuum or its shrinkage.
The balloon can cause nausea or constant vomiting, and may sometimes lead to stomach cramps due to their lack of adaptation to the balloon.