Femto Smile

Fimto Smile technology is the latest laser technology used in the field of eye diseases, its treatment and vision correction, a process in which the latest laser technology is used to correct the nearsightedness and the stomach in one step and it combines the results of traditional vision, comfort and accuracy techniques as it provides results close to the results of the LASIC process but from During a delicate surgical incision. And the feature of the Vimtosmile from Lasik is that it needs a small opening in the eye and not deep like LASIK and thus keeps the texture of the cornea, as it needs a small recovery period.

Vimto is relatively recent, therefore the number of surgeons specializing in lime surgery is lower. Vimtosmile needs a very high accuracy and very professional skill from the doctor, and it gives good results when it is conducted in a reliable and professional place. And for the accuracy of the operation, our doctors recommend several directives to avoid any complications after the operation, including:

Refrain from scratching the eyes.

Avoid any heat source such as ovens and others because they may dry out the eye.

Avoid water and dust to reach the eyes for at least a week.

Use eye drops for a long time after the operation to avoid dry eyes

Femto Smile processes

One of the advantages of the Vimto Smile process is that it is suitable for the treatment of poor vision cases that are not suitable for the LASIK or Vimto Lizik process. There are other advantages of the process of Vimto Smile is:

Fast operation and takes less time than other eye operations.

Coin healing is faster in this process (within hours or a day at most)

Dry eye after the operation is less severe.

A smaller incision by up to 80% compared to the length of the opening in old operations or technologies.

We know the accuracy of the process of Vimto Smile and its sensitivity for this. We recommend it to treat myopia only in the following cases:

When the thickness of the cornea does not allow the process of LASIK or Vimto Lizik.

– In acute cases of nearsightedness and when the degree of nearsightedness is very high.

When the scammatism degree is low.

If the production of tears is weak.

If the patient does not need to drive during the night.