Eyelash Transplant

The process of planting eyelashes is among the plastic surgery that is performed extensively in this period, and the eyelashes are hairs that are found at the end of the eyelids and the highest whites of the eye, and the colors of the eyelashes vary depending on the color of human hair in general; It may be in black, yellow or red, and it is often a darker color compared to the color of the head hair.

The eyelashes are of great importance for women, and some suffer from the low density of eyelashes as a result of their fall, and the process of eyelashes in the United States of America and European Union countries began since the 1990s, and spread to various countries of the world in later time stages.


What are the reasons for resorting to the process of eyelashes?

The formal causes:

The long eyelashes are among the important aspects of beauty in a woman, and in the event that they do not appear in a decent manner; This may cause a bad psychological state, especially among those working in areas that depend on dealing with the public.


Health reasons:

The health reasons are among the reasons for the trend towards the process of implanting eyelashes, as some suffer from eyelashes satisfactory, and they continued for long periods of follow -up with doctors in order to obtain the appropriate treatment, and this was not of use.


What is the use of eyelashes? What are the reasons that lead to its fall?

First: the use of eyelashes:

The growth rate of eyelashes is slower than hair that covers the head area, as well as fish and length of hair in other areas of the body, and the eyelashes do not represent the eye of the eye and show its beauty only, but it has a health benefit; It helps to protect the eye from germs, dust and dust, and it has another importance to reduce the glow of light on the eye.


Second: The reasons for the fall of eyelashes:

At the forefront of the causes of eyelashes is a lack of nutrition and eating unhealthy meals that do not contain the amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins that the body needs.
Not getting the appropriate amount of sleep.
Excessive use of mobile phones makes individuals exposed to electromagnetic waves in an exaggerated manner and then eyelashes.
Eye cosmetic with continuous eyelashes leads to negatives in the original eyelashes and falling them.
Infection with types of skin diseases such as alopecia and eczema causes eyelashes to fall.
Exposure to dust, dust, weather storms, and other unavoidable weather atmosphere.
Exposure to psychological pressure and long -term stress.
The eyelashes area of an accident.

What is the nature of the eyelashes process?

It is a plastic surgery and helps to beautify eyelashes and give gravity to the eye, and then the entire face, where the specialist doctor extracts bristles from other areas of the body, and it is replaced again in the eyelashes areas, and that is important for individuals who suffer from a short or light or light The eyelashes fall.
The general idea of the process of implanting eye eyelashes is the same used in the transplantation of head hair transplantation, and the extracted hair is obtained from areas with hair similar to the form of eyelashes and is called the donor area, and the area where the hairs are grown is called the receiving area.

What are the criteria for performing eyelashes in Turkey?

Personal standards for candidates to perform the eyelashes in Turkey:

Those who suffer from the lack of eyelashes or growing in an increasing shape affect the shape.
Those who suffer as a result of the lack of eyelashes due to a light yellow color and want to show features in a better position.

Medical standards for candidates to perform the eyelashes in Turkey:


The individual has thick hair and a summer in the donor areas.
The individual should not have an eye disease that prevents the procedure.
The individual has healthy health away from chronic diseases such as: advanced diabetes and chronic heart disease.

What are the features that should be available in the doctor to be conducted for eyelashes?

The process of growing eyelashes is a process that requires great accuracy and skill; In order for those who want to make them the best results, and it is important to check when choosing the appropriate plastic surgeon, and he must be distinguished between his readers, and one of the features that must be available in a plastic surgeon. The following eyelashes:

He has performed a large number of this type of operations, and the medium witnessed the doctors and patients with efficiency.
To have a high grade at the Faculty of Medicine.
To have the necessary license from health authorities to practice plastic surgery.
To have a fellowship from a developed country in plastic surgery, such as the United States of America and Britain.
To have conducted academic studies and research in the field of eyelashes.
It is characterized by friendliness and answers all the inquiries that those who wish to perform the operation.
To be smart and has a distance and is characterized by aesthetic sense; As this helps to come out with pathological results.

Can men undergo eyelashes for men?

Some men suffer from eyelashes hair loss, and the men’s tendency to perform the eyelashes process for satisfactory reasons and not cosmetics such as women, and the purpose is to compensate for the lost hair in the eyelashes area, and men do not care about the length or density of hair.

What is the nature of the procedure before the lashes transplant?

The doctor examines the eye area outwardly, learn about the patient’s complaint, and the requirements of performing the operation.
It is important to ask the doctor in the first visit about his expectations regarding the results of the operation, as the expectations differ according to the nature of each case separately, as well as the question about the hospitalization period and the pain that those who are subject to the operation are subjected to.
The doctor directs those who are doing the operation to perform integrated eye checks; To ensure that there is no sensitivity or other problems that prevent the operation.