Eyebrow Transplant

The process of implanting eyebrows helps men and women who may suffer from eyebrow hair loss or those who have an injury in the eyebrow area, or who suffer from thinning in the eyebrow Autoimmune that leads to eyebrow hair loss, they are not especially suitable for this process, because it will not be an effective treatment for them, below, we will detail everything you should know about the process of cultivating eyebrows.

What is the process of cultivating eyebrows?

Eyebrow cultivation is a cosmetic facial procedure in which the process of transferring hair follicles to the eyebrows is made, and the goal is that the new hair grows in the eyebrow from these follicles, which results in a good and more full appearance, and the process of planting the eyebrow is an alternative to the use of makeup products to adjust the appearance of eyebrows, Where the follicles are transferred from hair over the ear area, and the surgeon is not only transferred during the hair transplant process, but also transports the hair follicles with it, which helps to ensure that the new hair of the eyebrow is able to grow once the cultivated hairs fall.

What is the reason for the importance of eyebrow transplantation?

Eyebrow hair loss is the main reason for the importance of eyebrow transplantation, and this drives us to find out the causes of eyebrow hair loss, namely:


Dermatitis causes eyebrow hair directly, and some skin diseases may cause eyebrow hair loss, as any of the types of skin infections such as psoriasis or eczema can prevent eyebrow hair follicles from growth.

Thyroid hormones

The thyroid gland is concerned with the secretion of hormones that regulate the metabolism in the body, so when any change or disorder occurs in an increase or deficiency in these hormones, this will lead to the occurrence of eyebrow hair loss.

Excessive eyebrow hair plucking
The eyebrow hair plucks from strange practices, which may cause shock to the eyebrow hair follicles, which prevents the hair germination process again in that area.

Nader fabric

Nudish tissue is a leather layer caused by chemical or regular burns, and it causes complete closure of the pores and tissues of the skin and prevent hair follicles from hair production.

User hair loss

Stress and hormonal changes and the same of chemical changes in the human body may lead to the interruption of the hair growth cycle in the eyebrows, and this is called the hair loss, which causes rapid hair loss.

Tension or anxiety

Psychological problems such as tension and excessive anxiety are necessary mainly to eyebrow hair loss.


Decreased vitamins and minerals resulting from the lack of proper nutrition of the body, leads to eyebrow hair loss, namely:

  • Biotin.
  • Iron.
  • Vitamin D.
  • Zinc.
  • vitamin C.
  • Cystine.
  • Vitamin B.
  • Omega 3.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Alopecia areata

It is a disease that causes human head hair loss, alopecia’s disease may affect the eyebrows and cause hair loss as well.

These are the reasons that make eyebrow cultivation techniques important for women and men, and these reasons differ from one person to another, but in general, the process of cultivating eyebrows has many advantages.

Advantages of the eyebrow transplantation process

We can agree that eyebrows are a very important aspect of the face, because it highlights the best facial features, especially the eyes, and this is a major reason that many women are making a great effort to improve their eyebrows with makeup, but then eyebrow transplants appeared as a new option in the field of surgery Cosmetic, women’s turnout has become very much, and this is because of its wonderful advantages, including:


Whatever the causes of eyebrow hair loss, eyebrow transplantation provides a good eyebrows for a person to give the eyes a better frame.

Increased self -confidence

Nothing can make a man or a woman feel more confident than the real eyebrows, so whatever the accuracy of the makeup drawing with make -up will not lead to the results of the cultivation of eyebrow transplantation, as it will give the individual thick and more beautiful eyebrows, which makes him feel his self -confidence.

Improving facial expressions

Facial expressions are very important things to communicate with others, and it is not possible to overlook the role of eyebrows in it, and the cultivation of eyebrows can give you more accurate eyebrows as appropriate to help you express better.

Improving appearance

The original eyebrows that the eyebrow cultivation gives you, makes you look more beautiful and more attractive.

Trouble -free

Planting the eyebrow helps you to save your time and energy, and dispense with drawing eyebrows on every occasion using expensive eyebrow drawing products.


Eyebrow cultivation gives you permanent original eyebrows, to enjoy them throughout your next years.

Hide scars and marks of burns
Certainly, eyebrow cultivation is a unique and wonderful way to hide scars or signs caused by burns and eyebrows.

Information about the process of cultivating eyebrows

Initially, eyebrow transplantation is similar to the transplantation of head hair, but with a difference that the eyebrow area is a delicate leather area.

The cultivation of eyebrows is a medical procedure in which the plastic surgeon takes a taste of hair with its roots (the bulb) and transfer it to the eyebrow area.
The hair taste is usually taken from the back of the neck or the area surrounding the ear.
Once the hair follicles are removed, they are placed in a cold saline solution for about an hour before the surgeon implants it in the eyebrow.
The eyebrow transplant is usually performed under local anesthesia for the eyebrows, so the individual will not feel anything during the operation.
After completing the operation, the eyebrow area is left open and a layer of dandruff begins to form around the newly transplanted hair follicles, and these scales are part of the recovery process, and it will fall after a few days of the operation.
A slight swelling in the eyebrow area may occur for up to five days after the eyebrow transplant.