Beard Transplant

The process of implanting the beard is one of the things that many men who suffer from not germination of chin hair, and there are many men who face the problem of the appearance of many voids in the chin, which makes them feel a lot of embarrassment, so the chin hair transplantation process or The beard is the perfect solution for them to get rid of the psychological suffering they feel.

The procedures followed by the doctor when planting the beard

There are many procedures that are followed before and during the transplantation of the beard hair, including:

Pre -agriculture procedures
The doctor asks the person who is undergoing the process to shave the chin well.
This is in order to be able to see hair follicles and learn about the places to be cultivated.
After completing the inspection of the beard, the doctor begins to give the patient a small percentage of the drug.

Procedures for tracking during the operation

The doctor begins to extract the hair follicles that he wants to grow in the beard from the head.
Then he gives the doctor a percentage of the drug in the chin so that he does not feel any kind of pain.
The doctor works to put the follicles in the chin coordinated.
It also cultivates it according to the form agreed with the patient.
After the cultivation of the chin
The patient did not need a long time after the operation to recover from it, only he only needs a day to recover.
After that, the patient notes that there is a layer of peel in the area where the hair was implanted.
But these scales disappear from the face within days of their appearance.
Thus the person can fly the chin after a period of 7 and 10 days has passed.
The way the beard is transplanted
The beard hair transplant is one of the processes that must be done with a specific system:

Initially it is necessary to draw the shape of the chin before starting to plant and present it to the patient.
After that, the doctor determines the type of follicles he wants to cultivate as well as their number.
Determine the location in the suitable follicles for the chin from the follicles located below the head or others.
Often the number of follicles that a doctor needs to grow is not less than a thousand bulbs.
Also, in many cases, the doctor may need to grow at least 5,000 bulbs.
As the number of follicles to be cultivated depends on the amount of voids and the size of baldness in the patient.
The doctor then pulls the follicles with devices dedicated to that so that they are not damaged when withdrawing.
Then he cultivates them with other devices in the specified areas.
The required tests before the beard transplant is performed
It requires a person who wants to grow chin hair. Make many tests, including:

The work of the analysis that helps to identify the level of glucose in the blood.
AIDS examination.
It is necessary to perform an examination that helps to identify whether a person has C, B. B.
The blood clotting examination must be performed.
Conduct tests for identifying blood pressure.
Techniques that are used in chin hair transplantation
There are many techniques that are used in the cultivation of beard, and they are as follows:

Cultivation of the chin with the chip

This method is among the traditional methods used in hair transplantation.
This method depends on making small pieces at the bottom of the area in the head.
This is in order to obtain the follicles completely from the area that contains thick hair.
But this technique results in some scars in the part of which the follicles were extracted.
Chin cultivation by racking FUE
It is among the most advanced methods used in hair transplantation.
It is also characterized by its appropriate and non -exorbitant cost, which is also quickly.
It does not result in scars in the donor area as well as in the cultivated area.
This method is characterized by the fact that it does not affect the shape of the area from which the follicles were extracted.
The hair implanted in the chin cannot be dispersed from the natural hair in it.
Nano FUE accurate agriculture
This technique is more accurate than the traditional method of agriculture.
It also helps not to appear the problems that a person suffers from agriculture in another way.
This technique does not cause any kind of damage to the area that is done by extracting hair.
It is one of the most successful methods that follow hair transplantation, which leads huge results.

Perkotan beard cultivation

It is one of the best methods that follow hair transplantation that does not require much time.
Also, cultivation with this technique helps to grow a large number of follicles at the same time.
A person from behind this technique is not subjected to bleeding at any time to make it.
It helps a person to have a chin hair that cannot be separated from natural hair.
It recognizes the direction that the hair takes when growing after that.
Growing technology in grilling
This technique helps grow a large number of follicles, which number up to 100 in a small place.
This technique also helps to get very thick hair in a small space.
Do not lead to the appearance of any scars after the operation as a result of not using the wound method permanently.
It also does not require a person to wait to recover from the process permanently.
The person does not require shaving the hair implanted in the chin after a period of its cultivation.
The cultivation of the beard with the technology of the ambassador
It is one of the latest technologies that follow hair transplantation, which is characterized by intense accuracy.
This technique does not result in any kind of irritation on the face or other negative effects.
This technology gives great, accurate and successful results.
It helps to grow a number of follicles at least 6 thousand in the session.
Thus, the person will not require many sessions to obtain the desired result.
The process does not take much time, in addition to that it does not require time to recover at all.
When does the results of the beard transplant appear?
Some are asking about the time they can notice the result of planting the beard hair, so it must be noted that the hair that has been planted in the chin is falling on its own after the operation for the duration